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Problems of Technology
Protects against Electromagnetic Radiation

Until the 1900's organic life on earth had been exposed only to the natural occurring electromagnetic field.  This subtle electromagnetic field is within the low frequency range of 7.8 Hz, Schuman frequency. However, today's modern technology has dramatically changed the earth's environment; introducing new high frequency electromagnetic fields such as electric appliances, radio, microwave, cell phones, etc.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is emitted by all operating electrical and electronic devices.  The power of EMR emission varies depending upon the size, electrical strength, and current each device carries.  High voltage power lines are significant emitters or EMR; their field strengths are high enough to potentially cause adverse effects in humans, animals and plants even from a distance of hundreds of feet.  Smaller devices such as computers, televisions, cellular phones, microwaves, etc., emit lesser quantities of EMR, but the effect on humans can still be significant because of there closer proximity.

While there is some controversy over various studies to prove the health effects on humans; there is no doubt that EMR fields do surround power lines and common electrical and electronic devices.  Prudent people will want to protect themselves, their family, pet and plants against these potential health risks from exposure to EMR over extended periods of time.  Conventional shielding commonly used for electrical shock is not effective against the magnetic field component in EMR.

Adverse Effects
Adverse effects on human health that have been attributed to long-term EMR exposure include the occurrence of cancer, multiple sclerosis and autism.  In animals the effects include stillbirths, and reduction of milk production in cattle.  Studies at major universities such as University of Southern California, the University of Lauganna, Switzerland, and the University of Warwick, UK have proven the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms.  Recent studies (Adelaide Hospital animal study, Dr. Lai and Dr. Singh animal study at Washington University) proved that animal exposure to high frequency oscillations disturbs cellular functions; creating double strand breakage in DNA.  This serious genetic alteration can lead to cancer.  As modern technology increased, so too will the occurrences of severe diseases such as cancer, HIV, etc.