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An EMR shielding neutralizer invented by Dr, Igor Smirnov, a clinical psychologist, and bio-engineer, is designed to compensate for the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body.  Based on his patented Molecular Resonance Effect Technology, EMRON™, (electromagnetic radiation optimum neutralizer) is now available to the public.  EMRON shields the cellular structures of the body from the harmful effects of EMR.  Although radiation still enters the body, EMRON's neutralizing effect renders the radiation harmless.

How EMRON works
Recent discoveries in biophysics (1994 Noble Prize winners Gilman and Rodbell determined that the body's cells communicate with each other by electromagnetic signals.  Dr. Frohlich formulated a theory of cellular resonance phenomenon) proved that cellular structures can resonate with specific frequencies of electromagnetic oscillations.  EMRON is a special polymer compound of high dielectric constant.  It does not reduce the power of electromagnetic fields.  In the presence of an external electromagnetic field EMRON emits subtle low frequency electromagnetic oscillations that resemble the signals used by living cells for communication with each other in the body.  These oscillations compensate or neutralize the harmful effects of EMR generated by electrical appliances while simultaneously providing support for cellular function in the body.

EMRON's breakthrough technology protects against electromagnetic radiation.
EMRON neutralizes the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation by changing the quality of the field rather than reducing the EMR intensity.  EMRON is safer than any other device available on the market today.  EMRON's shielding polymer beneficial effects have been proof-tested on human blood at the laboratory of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The effects of VLF computer radiation on one of the most important components of the human blood granulocytes was tested both with and without the use of the EMRON shield.  The one hour exposure of blood samples to the VLF computer radiation at a distance of 15 inches from the display showed that the granulocyte content was 23% higher in the shielded group than in the non-shielded group.  The result was statistically significant with P>0.99.  The striking result, evident from the data is the significant reduction in the decline of the granulocyte content of the blood which was irradiated by shielded by the presence of EMRON.  Granulocytes are a critical component of blood and play an important role in the immune system reactions.  The presence of EMRON protected the blood samples from the harmful effects of EMR exposure.

There is also a significant increase (41%) of red blood cells in the shielded group.  These cells play a major role in the process of oxygenation of the body.  It means that the shielding device positively affects the process of cellular oxygenation and as a result improves the metabolism.  These facts prove that EMRON hot only shields and neutralizes harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, but also helps the body to achieve optimum health conditions.