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Protects against Electromagnetic Radiation

High Voltage Photography proves EMRON's protection works
A additional test on plant leaves with the help of high-voltage photography has proved EMRON protects living cells against electromagnetic radiation.  Photos of plant leaves show significant differences in the corona discharges given off by plants with and without the EMRON shield.  Photos were taken of normal leaves, unprotected but radiated leaves and protected radiated leaves exposed to the VLF computer.  Unprotected leaves exposed to VLF radiation at a distance of 5 inches for 30 minutes showed a dramatic loss.  Only about 40% of the plant cells survived.  Conducting the same experiments using EMRON shielding and the same distance and time produced remarkably different results.  With EMRON shielding 92% of the cells survived.

Human Testing
Another test was conducted to prove that EMRON protects the human body against electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phones.  A group of 20 volunteers using Nokia cell phones without EMRON and later with EMRON, were measured with the help of the electronic equipment "Bioevaluation -2000" which employs measurements using specific body measurement points.  A healthy person has an electrical potential at these points in the range of 400-700 nAmps.  The test showed that during the first two minutes of communication by cell phones without EMRON installed, the electrical potential at these points increased by 305-40% above the normal range.  With EMRON installed on the cell phone the electrical potential at the tested points remained in the normal range in all 20 cases.

EMRON completely neutralizes the electromagnetic radiation's harmful effects of cell phones in any position, computer monitors at the regular operating position at a distance of 18-20 inches, TV screens a the distance of 18-20 inches, as well as other electrical appliances, or your car's dash electronics.