Doctors Please Note

Doctors should be aware that due to the nature of this product the patient may be fighting conditions much stronger than you are aware of traditionally. This could lead you to misdiagnose your patient if you are not alert to these symptoms.

As example we have evidence that the white blood cells recover very fast after chemotherapy. Because of this it can be assumed that the white blood cell count could be different than expected with other conditions. For example you may misdiagnose a patient with appendicitis if you look at white blood cell count and assume that because the white cell count is normal the patients complaints of pain may not be his appendix. Huntington's disease patients may have far better motor skills and cerebral palsy patients may have far better communication skills. In addition aids, sars, flu and many bacterial and viral conditions my be far less evident or suppressed.

Unexpected symptoms to look for include normal white blood cell count, no fever, no rash, illness far less severe, no vomiting and reduced bacteria or virus count. Basically the patient may be far healthier than you expect for the condition you suspect.

You do not know what you do not know. We highly recommend you study what MRET can do and what symptoms your patient may or may not display. Remember much of what you base your knowledge on is centuries old. This is a new patented technology that is based on PHYSICS and not CHEMISTRY.

We recommend further study and reading at:

MRET Research Validation
Cal State University, San Diego, USA
Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA
Engene Biotechnologies Inc., Rancho Santa Fe, USA
Nu Mega Resonance Laboratory, San Diego, USA
CAI Environmental Lab, Carlsbad, USA
St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Scientific papers:
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Additionally if you have the dynHelp CD there are several articles in the paperwork/emron mret directory.

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