MRET Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain the MRET technology difference to the product at the following websites.

Why do we list competitor's websites? - Because we do not have competitors, other companies have different products that do different things.

This is the most interesting site because it is cloaked in disguise. The individual makes all claims that he spent about $500 for a fair and balanced website to "Give the Truth" and wants donations to pay for the page. First I must reply if I had $1 - $2 for my visitors to support development of my site I would not need to sell anything else.

Main point - He is selling ionized water.
He has his own special Magic Jugs which are no more than a reactive agent to turn the water alkaline.
He links to several Microwater ionizing units which he probably makes a commission on since the sites are coded to him.
He promotes an ORP meter for about $150 which he probably gets a commission on and you can do just as well by getting pH test strips from a pool supply store for about $3.95 to test over a hundred samples.

Additionally he does not understand the chemical properties he is speaking about with regard with acid water and plants. The acid water works with cut plants by killing the bacteria and cleaning (burning) the inside water passage inside a plant. This insures water flow to the flower. It should be noted that acid water is NOT good for living plants. The best solution for cut flowers is to squeeze a lemon into the water to create the mild acid base for cut flowers. The other option is to use the flower packet provided by the florist but remember is it highly acidic and contains other chemicals not safe for pets or children.

What is the product - Microwater?
Microwater is a Chemical process. Yes they ionize water electronically but they produce both negative and positive ions depending on how the unit is set. This process has been around for many years and has good and bad benefits based on who you talk to or what you read. What is important to keep in mind is that WATER is ph7 neutral. What makes the water change is the minerals in the water attracting to the positive or negative terminals. Often Microwater units will be pressurized from the tap to insure you have minerals. (The side effect or presurizing with tap water (smart marketing) is that the customer cannot put distilled water in the unit and find out that the water cannot be appreciably separated negative or positive.)

What does Microwater do?
When set to Alkaline it increases the negative charge of the water (mineral ions). This does create a clustered effect or the molecules taking less space. You can do the same by adding baking soda to your water or any other base material. Alkaline water does appear to be better for people mainly because it tends to neutralize the acid in your stomach. Too much base will upset your system and create headaches and other problems.

When set to Acid it increase the positive charge of the water (mineral ions). This makes it acidic and it kills bacteria etc. which is why hospitals use it to clean counter tops etc. Acid in general is not good to consume.

The claims that negative hydrogen or positive hydroxide ions exist freely is miss stated. They combine rapidly with many other chemical to create a neutral compound. This is called chemistry and is our natural biological process. Of course hydrogen in either positive or negative charge will react with the body. We are made of hydrocarbons - Hydrogen and Carbon for the most of our chemistry. If you throw Hydrogen in the system it will combine - sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Microwater loses any charge rapidly (usually within minutes) mainly due to the chemical reactions with the air and other compounds around it.

Hydride Ions are a strong antioxidant - meaning they will bond rapidly with oxygen free radicals to produce H2O or water one of the most stable compounds and about 80% of our body.

Is Microwater the same as MRET?
No way - we produce a physical process change to the water not chemical. We do not provide antidotal evidence by stories, we provide factual testing that can be duplicated with our water by most people or in any lab. I have challenged the reduced water people to duplicate our results after storing their water for a period and "No one or any company has produced the combined effects." Show me - I think I am from Missouri.

This is an inexpensive version of Microwater. It is basically an electrolysis process the same as above. I cannot vouch for the usefulness of various products but once again I doubt the science knowledge.

First Microwater for consumption is set to alkaline and he recommends adding lemon juice which is acid. I believe he is correct in his statement that you feel better this way with no headaches etc. because it will tend to drive the water to PH7.

By the way water should be PH7 so it will NOT react with the body until the cells use the water for the intended purpose.

Our unit tends to neutralize the pH of water whether acid or alkaline.

I have always worried about companies that say to use smaller dosage to prevent headaches, feeling tired etc. because the strong detoxifying characteristics can be too much. With our unit people tend to drink far more water because the body desires it probably because of what it does to them. The body knows what is good and bad and you will crave the good.

This is just another Microwater system with other chemicals with additives available.
This is a purely chemical process. Though he says it is a catalyst there are chemical reactions occurring even if his base products stay neutral. Once again I cannot attest to the good or bad of his product but I can tell you it is not our process which physically adds energy to the water. Nor have I seen any test results from their site.

Sites from Asia:
Some products contain our MRET activation unit and add filters, automatic cutoff and fancy design. Our prototype is available for special purchase by members, medical and other research organizations in the US at a discounted price. Please contact us directly if you are interested.

Is the MRET product or similar product available through other companies?
I have not found any company that will provide test results like we do for our product. You can tell the real product with our simple flower test. Also we really do have multiple patents covering our process not patent pending like most of the others that will be denied as infringements should they figure out the process. By the way we have been selling this unit to China for many years and if they have not figured out how to copy it I doubt others will.

I read on one of these sites that "reduced water" should be introduced gradually to pets. If MRET is not "reduced water", does this same warning hold true?
This is true about Microwater. Reduced water can harm you especially if the positive or negative ions are to strong. Microwater can make any pH from 2 to 12. You can do the same with many chemical processes. We have no evidence of harm to plants, animals or pets when using MRET. You will not get a headache drinking MRET

Does MRET water have a high negative ion charge?
You will note on some of the above sites talking about reduced water that the higher the negative number, the more antioxidant the water is. We do not have a high negative charge. In fact our unit tends to neutralize the ions in the water to PH7 which is what the body really needs. We find that most water activated with our unit whether tap water or spring water tends to be about a PH8 or less which is a slight negative ion charge. This is mainly because tap and other water usually have a slightly high pH. Our water appears electrically charged due to the physical angle of the hydrogen atoms in the molecule creating the appearence of a positive and negative pole but the molecule is nutural.

Below is a word about antioxidants.
As I said about antioxidants, sometimes it is good and sometimes bad if too severe. MRET is not a chemical process. MRET produces a physical change to the water.

Most people do not know what an antioxidant is. It is the chemical combination of one element with another, usually free oxygen radicals. If the free O- or O+ is not combined it will tend to combine with cells causing damage. I only doubt the ability for a free hydroxide or free hydride to get very far in the blood stream. Usually the hydrogen is combined into something like WATER (H2O) and it recombines chemically with other chemicals in the body to form new compounds.

I am a strong believer in antioxidants. My suggestion with someone that wants to use Microwater or any other structured water would be to activate it with our unit before drinking it because we have scientific PROOF of what it does.

If there is a difference between MRET water and reduced water, I would like to understand what that difference is - and why MRET water is better?
MRET water is a physical process and reduced water is a chemical/electrolysis process. In reduced water they try to create free hydroxides or hydrides which they do to varying degree depending on the product. I doubt the continued existence of the hydroxides because they are so reactive. In most cases the hydroxides disappear before the water leaves the jug. What you are left with are ionized water based on the minerals in the water.

Our process is a physical process. We add energy to the water by light with a special resonant frequency. We provide evidence of the physical changes on our website with ice, MRI and other tests. We can even activate other compounds like milk and plastic.

I will not argue which is better between MRET and Microwater. They are completely different processes. It would be like comparing a car engine with a row boat. They may both be able to transport people through some combined methods but the direct comparison is impossible.

I would recommend a person with a Microwater system to MRET activate their Microwater even if it stabilizes the pH just because we provide scientific proof of the benefits for people, plants and animals. The benefits of Microwater may be very good but once again it is a different process with a different purpose and I have not seen the physical test results posted anyplace.

If MRET creates a 'physical' change to the water - when one has an MRI - since bodies are 80% water - then why don't physical changes take place within the body during that kind of procedure? I am thinking the MRI would be applied at a greater (voltage?) or however they measure it than that used to 'change the water'.
MRI is a totally different process than what we use. MRI is a high magnetic field and a process mainly to take pictures of physical objects. We used MRI in testing to look at the physical structure and energy of the water and specifically the proton pick. MRI does NOT use the same process we use. (It is possible that MRI causes physical changes but I do not know what effects it has. Even if it did, the effect would be temporary because of body functions reacting with those changes.) Our patented process is a very specific physical process requiring special polymer materials, specific light wavelengths, specific frequencies and exact locations and timing. Our process is a physical process dependent on "resonance" and does not require any high power. Chemists have extreme difficulty understanding our process because it is not chemical. We actually change the water energy that remains for years.

What is ionization and does MRET ionize the water?
Ionization creates a free electron or adds an electron to a material therefore making it charged or an ion. Ionization can be created by electrolysis as in the Microwater systems (provided minerals are available to charge) or by chemical means. MRET is a physical process and does not specifically ionize the water.

Ions are very unstable because the natural law is to make ions combine with their opposite to form a neutral substance. For instance NA and CL combine to make NaCl which is salt, a very stable compound. Na or Cl ions by themselves are very unstable and directly poisonous to the body but NaCl is a needed molecule combination for our existence.

The validity of free ions is argued in many journals but it is a fact that free ions will rapidly combine with cells and other material and often that is not desirable. In fact free radicals are ions and have been proven to cause many problems in the body. Ions are effectively free radicals.

Our water does create a mild form of ionic effect because we can see the molecules "cluster" or combine under some form or force. This is the reason the hardness, turbidity and pH of the water changes because the molecules have a slight polarity. The polarity is created because the hydrogen molecules are at a closer angle than normal water.

Am I to understand that the 'perfect' pH is what helps effect the healing process of the body?
The perfect pH can be disputed in any relative context. A PH7 is a neutral pH meaning there are no extra ions either positive or negative. This means a PH7 water should not have any "reactive" combinations with cells in the since of free radicals.

In our testing our unit does not "make" PH7 water it only drives it closer to a PH7 whether the water was alkaline or acid from the start. Whether a PH7 helps in the healing or not we have not proven.

What does MRET water do to the body?
The exact process on why our MRET water does what is does in the body is not fully understood. One theory is that the MRET water is very close to cellular water therefore it does not take as much energy for the cells to use it. Another theory has to do with cellular communication. Since our water resonates at a frequency close to cellular communication it is believed that it helps the cells communicate correctly during cellular division preventing mutations and enhancing normal growth. Likewise the MRET water frequency interferes with abnormal cells such as bacteria and other anaerobic microbes that are continuously changing. A lot of the answers will take years of tests being conducted from labs and research facilities. Our dynHelp CD contains additional information and scientific journals to review.

Some research was conducted at the following:

Cal State University, San Diego, USA
Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA
Engene Biotech, Inc., Rancho Santa Fe, USA
Nu Mega Resonance Lab, San Diego, USA
CAI Environmental Lab, Carlsbad, USA
Meixa Tech Laboratory, Cardiff, USA
Geomagnetical & Environmental Science Lab, San Diego, USA
Elixir-Health LTD, Singapore
St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia

Some Scientific papers follow:

"The Science of Healing Waters" by Dr. Sundardas D.A., MD, Times Books International, Singapore, 2002
"Activated Water," by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., Electric Spacecraft Journal, issue #33, 2002, USA
"Activated Water," by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., Explore Magazine, March 2002, USA
"The Ultimate Living Water," Elixir-Health LTD, Singapore, 2002
"Activated water," by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., Electronic Journal of Biotechnology,

Is MRET water magic or like the Holy Water of Lourdes?
The bottom line is there have been stories of the Fountain of Youth since the beginning of time. The water from such sites was studied from areas like Tibet, Chernobyl and Lourdes. Specific investigations found similar geophysical and physical properties that took many years to create in the lab and we use in MRET. The process is scientific and works and we stand by our test results on our published website. Most tests have a repeatability of .95 to .99 meaning virtually anyone conducting the tests will get the same results. Once again we challenge other companies to provide scientific test results and not antidotal evidence.

What is the availability of the unit or materials to make the MRET unit?
We currently have a limited production of our prototype unit and once they are gone it could take several months on a waiting list to get the product. The production capability is unlimited. We are working on other units for production.

Is MRET safe for human consumption?
Everyone living in my family uses this water daily because we know what it will do and has done by testing. What are your choices against SARS, West Nile Virus, Flu and many other viruses and bacteria that are not even known or "developed today"? Does it work on these? That is under study with very promising results. I know that I and tens of thousands of others mostly in China using the product have not had any symptoms. Personally I am not taking the chance of not using it just because I do not know exactly why it works. Most people do not know why their car works either but they use it daily because of the results they can see. (By the way the water that we duplicate has been used since the beginning of time. Many of these people live to over 120 years even today. The water is available from $0.02 to $0.15 a gallon from us and it would be far more than that to get it from the correct lake in Tibet.)

Free the Radicals: I take antioxidants occasionally, not every day, as I understand that oxidants are part of our chemical processing balance. Should MRET water be taken occasionally like antioxidants or as a steady diet? It sounds like it could create an imbalance in the body if overused?
Quite the contrary, the MRET creates a balance in your system. It tends to naturalize the pH and does not inject free radicals into the system. All normal process of life create antioxidants. Those antioxidants need to be removed from the body before chemically reacting with the cells in the body. When they combine with body cells they virtually burn or oxidize the cells changing their structure. This often leads to cancer and other symptoms.

You can drink as much of the MRET as you want and in fact your body will tell you to drink more and you will find your water intake will increase. Effectively what the water does is naturalize the free radical charge both positive and negative by surrounding it with slightly polarized water. The free radicals can then be passed out of the system instead of combining harmfully with other cells.

This is a major feature of MRET because we do not need to state the phony warnings found with other products that you should only drink a little because it might give you a headache. The reason those products give you a headache is because they are ionized therefore creating free radicals.

Antibiotics: I don't take antibiotics due to their indiscriminate wiping out of beneficial intestinal flora along with harmful bacteria. Does MRET discriminate among beneficial and harmful bacteria purposes?
In all tests to date, we find that all good life forms whether human, plant, animal or bacteria thrive well with the MRET water and anaerobic or other negative forms fail in the water. We believe it is because the MRET water is true water as initially on the planet and all life forms developed in that water. Cancers and anaerobic organisms are continuously changing and do not have the age old cellular communication frequencies. This means that good life forms are enhanced and grow in the natural cellular frequency of our water and the bad life forms are interrupted during cellular division leading to their death.

Is MRET water better than Penta-brand type of clustered water which has noticeable effects (perhaps it's the oxygen they add to prevent the water molecules from bonding with the bottle plastics?) It's made a believer out of me for water structure restoration!
I cannot attest to the value of Penta water. I do not see any statement as to what the process is or what it does other than say it is very pure water that has smaller clusters of water. The fact that it hydrates the cells better is the only scientific claim I see but there is no proof that it is because the water has smaller clusters. From their discussion I would have to assume the water is good for you as far as not having any chemical or other items in the water. Remember this also means you are effectively drinking distilled water and the body needs minerals normally found in water.

My suggestion would be for you to use the MRET unit to activate the Penta water and therefore get the benefit of both worlds. We tested water that was highly purified and it was effectively dead water with very little energy. Therefore it needed activation. Also our product by the gallon is less than Penta by the ounce. You can activate water, milk, juice or any other liquid with our unit.

How does MRET compare to oxygenated and counter-rotation spun water?
This is an interesting subject and has a lot of debate. First I and most scientists doubt you can oxygenate water to any degree. Physically the water will only saturate a certain level and after that the oxygen will bubble out. Most oxygenated waters you need to drink immediately and that leads to questions of how long it lasts in the stomach acids and will it last long enough to get in the blood. We suspect that MRET holds oxygen as good as or better than other methods because when freezing water we see more bubbles trapped in the MRET water. As far as counter-rotation is concerned I would argue that it is chicanery. Counter-rotation is relative. What happens if you turn the jug upside down? Is it now rotating clockwise and will not work? What if you take it to the other hemisphere where you are effectively upside down from your normal position? Do you need to now rotate it clockwise in the other hemisphere?

What can I store MRET water in?
We recommend you store the water in a glass, plastic or ceramic container. Never store it in a metal container because it shorts out the energy of the MRET. You can activate the water and boil it in a metal coffee pot then remove it immediately for hot water but the metal pot removes some of the benefit even for the short boiling period. It is better to get a coffee warmer with a glass container to heat the water. NEVER boil the water and put HOT water in the plastic container because the container will melt.

What happens after the two years of usage with the unit?
If you have some of our older prototypes we can replace the active part of the MRET head. Just return the head and include return shipping or $19.95. The price to refurbish the old head (prior to August 2005) is now $180. It used to be $80 but the price of gas, manufacturing and employee wages has gone way up. With all FUTURE sales from August 2005 on we tell the customer to return the head to us we replace it with a new one. We do not pay commissions on reorders and the price is currently $220 with the returned head plus return shipping.

A Final Word
Our unit puts energy into the water. It physically changes the water molecule and we have proven the effect stays for at least two years. Most companies that claim they have some form of activated or energized water only provide temporary activation. Usually the activation effect goes away within minutes of leaving the activation area.

If you have not seen the website, go to You will find our test results posted. We provide the proof of what our unit does that can be duplicated by anyone not just antidotal statements. If you are serious about other products I would demand they provide scientific tests that can be demonstrated and are meaningful.

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