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WARNING - We highly recommend you contact us before you purchase or invest in MRET Water, MRET Activators or the MRET Shield. We have other solutions that are just as good to offer you. We are leaving this site up to let you know we have spent years and tens of thousands of dollars with this technology.

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Why lose your Birds and Pigs to Bird Flu or Horses to West Nile Virus when you can use our MRET.
Nurseries you can grow seedlings and plants 50% faster and larger with the same growing season.
Plants do not have an opinion - they just GROW healthy naturally! Dramatically increase greenhouse production.


HEALTH COMPANIES - Use our MRET on your liquid products to improve shelf life naturally.

Attention liquid unit activators such as alkalizer, magnetic, centrifugal, ionic or other process that require a liquid to be stored for a period of time, processed then passed on, we have a patent pending technology to increase your throughput under complete control. We will automatically fill the interim ten gallon holding tank, provide the control signals to process the liquid, dump the liquid, and count the volume for automatic termination age for repair or refurbishment. This is a great system to add to nutritional companies for processing your liquid vitamins and minerals, greenhouses to provide specialized water and other processes that require a FDA approved closed circuit system. The system is modular and will provide 4.5 gallons per process interval. You can add as many units as needed for your liquid volume requirements. You provide your activation technology and we engineer your product to our system for a small development fee. The cost of the unit is $3000 per 4.5 gallons per hour and should run indefinably. Your only additional costs will be the occasional replacement of the interim holding tanks (to keep mineral deposits and other visual aging effects to a minimum to help pass inspections) at a few dollars and your activation technology. The unit is guaranteed for five years and the only other parts to replace will possibly be valves that wear out. If your technology has a 30 minute activation cycle the unit will produce over 200 gallons a day. Email for information Ask for the liquid processor.


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  Dr. Smirnov developed a system called Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET). He also created a device that alters the molecular organizational state of water and other liquid substances. He was awarded a US Patent in February 2000 for this invention. MRET Water has many special properties that make it ideal to help the body to increase its quota of structured water. Activated Water closely resembles cellular water in the body and hence is bio-available. MRET Water is produced by means of a non-chemical bio-safe process of water activation. During this process a subtle low frequency electromagnetic field is imprinted into the water. It is similar to the earth's geomagnetic field found in special healing springs.

MRET Water is chemically pure water and can be stored at room temperature. There is no chance to be contaminated by this water because no foreign substances have been introduced into it. Clinical tests in vitro (special biological tests) show that MRET Water has sterilization effects: it kills harmful bacteria, suppresses mutated cells, and has no harmful effect on normal cells. It normalizes the pH of the body (alkaline/acid balance) and supports the immune system as well.


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Every once in awhile a new technology comes along that is truly remarkable. This is a life determining decision. Can you afford not to have this technology for you and your family?

We will have more results in the future so come back here often. Check out the results against bacteria, viruses, aids, carona virus (SARS), cancer and others through the links above and left.

Do not mistake our product for imitations. Try our simple flower test first, try to grow plants next and take a blood test if you are really serious about claims made by anyone selling this unit or other technology that claims similar results.

WOW! Never before has there been a product with the power and potential of our high technology electronic activator for specialized liquids. Could you imagine if you activated liquid products like juices, wine, coffee, milk or other Liquid Vitamins or Liquid Minerals and created a product many times more bioavialable. Could you imagine if the Activation process created a new product with enhanced properties similar to the ones tested on our website? Those properties are provable by testing adding a new dimension to what you can say about your product. Can you imagine what it would do with your business and your health.

Do not forget to look at what the activation process does to drinking WATER as demonstrated on this website. That is why we call it Magic H2O but it goes far beyond water.

Our machine will probably outlast your refrigerator and since the Activator kills bacteria and viruses your products' shelf life will be greatly increased.

If you knew you could possibly change the health of yourself, your loved ones, pets and plants for less than the cost of ONE cigarette, ONE soft drink or a FRACTION of a cup of coffee daily would you be interested? If you knew there are possible solutions to SARS, AIDS, Biological Warfare, Cancer and other unthinkable life challenges would you take the time to study this website?

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