Simple MRET Tests

On the 16th day the onion irrigated with MRET Water had sprouts about 5” length. The onion irrigated with regular water did not have sprouts at all. It is a result of enhanced absorption and higher energy level of MRET Water that improves biochemical reactions in living systems.

  Soybeans irrigated with MRET Water produced 13 sprouts with an average length of 9” and no mold.
Soybeans irrigated with regular water produced 7 sprouts with an average length of 4”and had mold.
Plants irrigated with MRET Water show enhanced and accelerated growth. It is a result of enhanced absorption, higher energy level, and the sterilization effect of MRET Water.

Metallic objects go through an intensive process of corrosion in regular filtered water on the left.
There is NO sign of the corrosion process in Activated (MRET) water on the right.

This indicates that MRET is a strong antioxidant.

  This is a Deprivation Test where water was removed for one week. Parsley with MRET is on the right. Imagine what this could do for your body in combating a stressed system. Also check out the plant growth tests from the links below.
  MRET activated milk does not start molding till the 9th day of the test. By that time regular milk is totally covered with mold and has a strong rotten smell.
This test proves that the activation process accelerates and enhances fermentation and prevents rotting. As a result it improves assimilation of nutrients in the body.
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