MRET Specifications

We have one model that we market from the United States. We have an economy model for North and South America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Australlia, New Zealand and other non Asia countries. We have just opened China for distribution and sales.

The economy unit is a ½ gallon plastic pitcher. It was designed to fit easily on the counter or in the refrigerator. It does not have a filter or electronic cutoff. The economy unit has an activation head that lasts two years based on eight to ten hours of operation a day. The economy unit needs the head returned to the factory for replacement for $220 plus shipping back to you every two years after initial activation. The head is 4 ½ inches long and 3 inches in diameter and weighs 8 ounces. The input voltage is 9 volts and is supplied by a standard 110 volt wall transformer. Many customers in Europe and other areas purchase 220 volt to 9 volt converters or have 220 volt to 110 volt transformers. You can order the unit for $8 less if you have your own power supply and plug to connect to the unit.

The unit is not a filter. The unit activates the water without direct contact. We do not put anything into the water. We create light and electric waves through special materials that transfer the energy to the water which changes the water energy through resonance.

You can process ½ gallon of water every thirty minutes with this unit for up to 10 gallons a day. The water will remain activated for up to two years if stored in a non conductive container made of glass, plastic or porcelain. NEVER store the water in a metal container and NEVER put hot water in the plastic container.

Fill the unit to the top line on the unit. This will place the water about 1/2 inch below the activation head and about 1 inch below the polymer inside the unit. Do not let the water touch the activation head or it will not activate.

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