Bob Holmes

One Man Volleyball Team

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Bob Holmes is a dynamic motivational speaker that uses the game of volleyball to captivate the attention of the students and faculty in school assemblies across the nation before delivering a powerful message on drugs, alcohol, bulling, peer pressure, and suicide with amazing results.

Bob, after 38 years playing and 66 years of age is still single handedly beating entire teams of professional sports players.  This last week in October 2022 he completed 57 games.  Bob attributes his superhuman ability to Jesus Christ allowing him to carry this message of hope to the children and others in need.  He has discovered this new glutathione delivery system providing the extra boost many athletes are finding today.  Bob says he has incredible focus, energy, and recovery since using the product.  It is easy to use before, during and after a game to keep him at peak performance.  A side benefit is the synergy the product provides directly to those in need and his mission.

Bob dedicates himself to saving these children at an incredible cost both in time and expense.  Check the Biography Link and the Letters from Students for details.  School children today are in crisis, and it is urgent to get his message out now more than ever before.

To support Bob, we have created a position on the MagicH2o team that is dedicated to donating 100% of the profits and product to supporting Bob in continuing his mission.  Check the Support Link to find out how you can support Bob’s mission.

Watch the video below for an example of Bob’s mission and performance.  Then imagine the impact of booking Bob in your school sometime during your school year.

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