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The script for the video is below and can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

Welcome to the Magic H2o system and Glutathione, purchase, and registration video. I hope you will have incredible results like me.  Personally, I highly recommend that everyone try the products.

On virtually every page under the MagicH2o team website you will find one or more order buttons. 

Click the order button and you will be taken to one of several options.

You can purchase as a retail only customer purchasing one or more products with no future commitment.

You can purchase as a preferred customer and save 25% on your purchases provided you register for a monthly home delivery.  Most people need three to six months on the product to allow for the potential life changes to all their body cells.

Or you can purchase as a member and have all the benefits of low price and the chance to get product free by sharing with others.

No matter what approach you want the first thing you see after choosing your option will be a popup of who you are purchasing the product from.  Verify their name on the pop up and their username in the top left of the page before proceeding. Also click the little drop down that says “United States” to choose your country if you are not in the US.

If you choose a onetime purchase, your page should say “Shopping as Retail Customer”.

If you choose monthly home deliver to save 25%, the page should say “Shopping as Preferred Customer”.

If you choose to join as a member to share with others, your page should say “Shopping as a Neumi Member”.

In all cases do not click “Place Order” yet, or it may fail.  Instead, we recommend you purchase one of each of the products to try them out for the first month.  This example shows choosing the “Welcome Pack 1”.  Once again do not click “Place Order”.

Instead, scroll down to Step 2 if you are a member and optionally select your Monthly Home Delivery.

We recommend the Quarterly Combo for several reasons.  You get all your product at once, and it qualifies you to receive commissions for three months if you share.  Additionally, you will get a free bottle and save slightly on shipping over there months.  Finally, we find most people reorder within a few weeks because one bottle of each is not enough if you are sharing with anyone else in the family.

The reason the Combo has four swish and two spray with an extra swish is people generally use more of the swish over time after their skin starts to look good.  Notice the monthly will be added to your order, but it will not charge for 30 days.

Now scroll down to the “Create Account Section”.  Enter your Username.  This can be most any characters but do not include special characters like the @ or the software may confuse the name for something like an email.  If you choose a correct name, the screen will momentarily flash in the upper right corner showing the name is available in green, or not available in red if you need to change it.  Your username is used as part of your website address.

Enter your password.  It must have at least one Uppercase, one Lowercase, one number or other character, and be eight characters or more in length.  Enter the password again on the below line to make sure you have entered it correctly.
Finish with your birthday, email, and select the box to receive information if you want to share the product.

Scroll down and fill out your shipping address.  This is where your product will be shipped to.  Make sure you enter your phone number and do not put any spaces or lines in the number.

Scroll to the “Billing Address” and enter your information or click the check box if it is the same as the shipping address.  This address will be used for your credit cards and if you become a member this will be your tax or banking address.

Scroll down and notice what your shipping cost will be.  It varies by state, country, and order.

Instead check the two boxes that say, “I authorize … and I agree …”.  We find that sometimes the signup will have an error if these boxes are not checked before selecting your payment.

After checking the boxes click the “Add Payment Method” dropdown arrow then select “Credit Card”.

Fill out the credit card information with no spaces or dashes in the credit card number.  Make sure the “Postal Code” is the same as the billing zip for the CREDIT CARD.

Next click “Submit”, verify, and finish the transaction.  Wait a few minutes for it to process. Do not click the back arrow or you could be billed twice.

You will now be directed to your back office.

Inn the future your link to the team website will be

If you want to reach your Neumi back office, click the “Order” button in the top left of the team website, then click the little head on the top right of your screen next to join.

This will bring up your Neumi company page with your sign in box.  Click “Login

As a final note and highly recommended, when you are ready to sponsor someone, have your Neumi ID handy so you can call the company at the phone number located at the bottom right of the Neumi website.  Some people are uncomfortable registering online and this gives you a way to have the company help you register your new customer without stress.

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