Mice and Human Lifespan

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Glutathione and Mice Lifespan

Ponder this:

  • 104 mouse weeks = 70 human years or about 0.65 human years per mouse week
  • In this study mice with a normal diet all died in 112 weeks. (73 human years)
  • Mice with a GlyNAC diet all died in 169 weeks (110 human years)
  • Average lived between 20 and 25 weeks longer or 13 to 16 human years longer
    • with 57 mouse weeks the longest or 37 human years

Three points:

  • GlyNAC is about 8% effective in providing glutathione to the cells, we deliver glutathione directly.
  • No wonder the FDA made NAC a drug so the drug companies can get the profit.
  • It will take about 150 years to do clinical trials in humans to prove those results.


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