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We have NEW technology that NO one else has.  Our technology is way more important than the individual products.

Our technology will allow taking ANY botanical or natural product, extract the vital molecules, wrap them in our nano technology water, and deliver the nutrients directly into the bloodstream bypassing the gut for immediate use by the body cells within one circulation of the blood stream.

This revolutionary technology outdates the current methods of delivery either by solution, liposomal, IV, pills, or any other method.  Why, because those methods all require particles hundreds of times larger than our molecules, making them hard or impossible to directly enter the blood and cells, or are chemically bound requiring the body to assemble the precursors into useful products, or most often are destroyed by the gut before they can be effectively delivered.

Many people say they have nano technology.  They can claim that if they have particles less than one micron in their product, even if the combined products are much larger.  There are 25,400 microns in an inch.  The diameter of your hair is about 70 microns. You can see about 40 microns.  White blood cells are 25 microns.  Red blood cells are 8 microns.  Most common bacteria are about 2 microns (2000 nanometers) in diameter and 5 to 10 microns (5000 to 10,000 nanometers) long.  

There are 1000 nanometers in ONE micron.  Visible light waves are 400 to 700 nanometers.  Viruses are 20 to 400 nano meters.  Cell membrane pores are 70 to 150 nanometers.    Glutathione is about half the size of the smallest viruses; 10 nanometers.  DNA is about 2 nanometers. A water molecule is about 0.27 nanometers. 

As you can see size does matter.  To enter the cells, particles must be smaller than cell membrane pores.  As an example, liposomes can be as small as 20 nanometers, but by the time you put the payload inside them including the protective fillers, they are typically much larger than 100 nanometers.

The challenge is to get the product into the cells.  Most products have chemical properties that react with the chemicals in the body.  The body has a natural state, and the millions of chemical reactions depend on the steady state.  If you need to wrap a product in pills, oils, or chemicals, the encapsulation technology can create side effects or require many other processes to occur BEFORE the product is available to the body.
Many products are soluble or suspended in water.  These products are floating in the water and available for chemical reactions throughout the body and usually destroyed in the gut by chemical reactions long before getting to the intended target.

The major problem with most products, even if they make them pure and very small, is that they bind together.  Imagine two balls. One is a blob of product and the other is a cell that has thousands of pores on its surface.  As an example, glutathione in an IV is bunched into a blob.  This makes it very difficult for the product (glutathione) to get into the cell because the two balls only touch at one point (one pore) and all the product needs to enter the cell at that point.  Now imagine we spread out the blob of product with our technology and wrap it all around the cell.  The product (glutathione molecules) are touching many pores at the same time.  The technical term is we greatly increase the surface area of contact which is why we need only a fraction of the product to get the same effect as standard technology.

Our products are literally wrapped in water molecules that disguise the products and pass the products directly into the blood stream through the cells in your mouth to be available to all body cells within about 70 seconds. 

You CANNOT mix other products in our water and expect better results.  First, our products are absorbed directly through the cells in your mouth or skin so other products would need to be nano sized.  Second, we combine our products with our special water in a “reaction” that takes place in about 20 millionths of a second.  Just mixing in a product will not bind or secure it for delivery with our technology.  However, some of our products, such as glutathione, should enhance the effectiveness of most natural products taken by their intended method.

What is the bottom line about our technology?  It is a breakthrough technology to increase the delivery of beneficial molecules, mainly derived from botanical or natural sources.  It is not a matter of what products can be delivered by our technology, but which ones are most important with the best benefits for everyone.  The breakthrough is not only in effectiveness but MUCH lower cost.

Check out our current and scheduled products on the links on the technology tab above.  This is a team website and we do not specifically mention products by name but instead indicate ingredients we are delivering with our technology and some known benefits of those ingredients. 

This list will expand as products are added or scheduled, so come back often for updates.

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